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Disinfection Disruptive Technology Advances

Disruptive technology pertains to advances that supersede an existing set of technological aids or processes. Disruptive technology impacts the manner in which consumers and business owners interact. Due to the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the additional virus strains that are currently causing problems, some healthcare industries have turned to advanced disinfection methods. 

Past Issues

Technology changes regularly and these changes may affect many aspects of everyday life. Media advances, medical advances, and production advances can prove to be safer and more cost-effective than practices that were originally put in place.

A business owner who wants to make improvements within the building that they operate from may consider some of the past issues that slowed down production or interfered with their ability to cultivate relationships with consumers or increase their customer field. Company reports, customer reviews, and cost analyses can help a business owner determine which areas within a business need improvement.

Disinfection Technology Advances

Disruptive disinfection technology focuses on the efficacy of products that are designed to kill pathogens and keep a business atmosphere sanitary. Workplaces that involve constant use and an influx of people walking through particular areas each day may require targeted disinfection strategies. UVC (Ultraviolet C) technology has been used in the food and medical industries for many years.

After more advances have been made, UVC lighting has been introduced. This type of lighting emits wavelengths that destroy harmful photons. A virus will not be able to replicate, due to the lighting coming into contact with a virus and disrupting the DNA replication process.

This type of lighting can be used in an industrial setting, an office setting, a medical setting, a school, or any other place where people congregate. The purification process that this type of lighting is responsible for will promote sanitary indoor areas that contain air that is safe and clean to breathe.

New spray products that are designed to kill viruses and eliminate odors have been tested against contagious diseases. Revolutionary products that are safe to use in a commercial or residential setting can be used to treat porous and non-porous surfaces.

Light switches, desks, lamps, and tables are some high-touch surfaces that may require routine cleaning. A powerful sanitizer that will prevent the spread of germs may be effective for a full 24 hours. The use of a product like this will allow operations to be conducted safely, without needing to take the time to clean surfaces multiple times during each day.

If you work in the medical field and would like more information about healthcare industry disinfection disruptive technology, contact a company that develops disinfection technology. 

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Disinfection Disruptive Technology Advances
23 February 2022

Disruptive technology pertains to advances that su