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Important Things You Need To Know About Antenna Positioner Solutions

Antenna positioners are an important part of any tower or antenna installation. They can be used to point the antenna in a specific direction and allow it to move. These devices are often misunderstood, and many people find it challenging to use them independently. This article discusses things you need to know about antenna positioner solutions.

What Are Antenna Positioner Solutions?

Antenna positioner solutions are designed to adjust and orient the antenna or other linear source to minimize interference. It includes housing, two support members, and a position control attached to it. The first support member is usually connected to the antenna, while the second is connected to the housing. The antenna positioner may be connected to the receiver or transmitter of the linearly polarized antenna, or they can be separate components.

They Measure Signal Strength Versus Azimuth

Azimuth is one of the two axes used in the polar coordinates that describe direction. An antenna would need to be rotated around its axis to change its azimuthal orientation. This can be done using motorized controls or manually. The effective gain of an antenna varies depending on the azimuthal position at which measurements are made. To accurately measure the gain, measurements should be made relative to a standard cycle of 360 degrees.

They Are Based on GNSS Technology

GNSS, or global navigation satellite system, allows for pinpoint positioning of objects on the ground. This is done using data from a series of orbiting satellites that continuously broadcast information about their current position in space. Because of this, many antenna positioners are also able-bodied enough to be used for applications requiring precise accuracies, such as mobile mapping and robotics. Manufacturers provide software tools you can install on your computer to track these signals and make any necessary adjustments if they are not coming through clearly for some reason.

The other main characteristic of an antenna positioner is that it uses satellite navigation technology to determine its location and orientation. In most cases, this is GPS technology, although some antenna positioners can use GLONASS.

They Can Automate Data Collection Processes Across An Entire Fleet of Assets

Data collection is a big part of what subsurface data engineers and geoscientists do. With every new client, there's always something different to set up. If you're an asset owner or operator who needs to track maintenance and safety compliance across their entire fleet of assets, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of who has been able to complete what work. This is where antenna positioner solutions come in. They'll help you streamline data collection processes by automating the triggering of events designed to trigger a specific task on your asset.

Antenna positioner solutions provide an innovative and practical method of enabling precise and accurate antenna pointing. They can be used in various applications, ranging from the simplest tracking devices to sophisticated positioners, and are highly effective at offering flexible control of consumer electronics that would normally only accept manual input.

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