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4 Ways Cybersecurity Consulting Can Benefit Your Business

Nowadays, protecting digital customer data and maintaining a secure online storefront are intrinsic parts of running a business. IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach was $3.86 million in 2020, so taking steps to ensure that your company isn't part of this total is a wise decision. This guide will introduce you to the ways that cyber security consulting can benefit your business.

1. Cost Savings

IT departments don't come cheap. While every company needs to make cyber security a priority, not every company has the day-by-day needs to justify the cost of an on-site IT team. Furthermore, updating your IT infrastructure to improve security is not a round-the-clock job. Once your system is secured, you likely won't need to make large changes until there are major software updates or new exploits are discovered.

Cyber security consulting lets your company benefit from a fully equipped IT team when you need it, without the expense of hiring your own staff. When you hire established cyber security consultants with a track record of helping companies like yours, you will have peace of mind that you are getting first-rate service at a fraction of the cost.

2. Security Monitoring

The services of a cyber security consultant don't end with updating and securing your infrastructure. Many cyber security consultants are now providing security monitoring services as well. This may include automated and live inspection of web traffic, detecting and resolving new security vulnerabilities, and monitoring your system firewall to detect intrusion attempts.

Cyber security consultants who provide monitoring services will notify you immediately through phone, text, and/or email if a security event takes place. Consultants may also offer app management software and other tools to help make your company's intranet more secure. App management software notifies you when someone attempts to use an unauthorized application on your network.

3. Data Encryption and Redundancy

Encryption and redundancy are two very important terms in digital data management. Encryption is the process of obfuscating data so that it cannot be read by an unauthorized party, even if they obtain a copy of the encrypted file. Encryption is an extra layer of security that minimizes financial damages to your customers and legal risks to your company in the event of a data breach.

Redundancy is a term for making multiple copies, or backups, of data so that it is not lost if it is removed from the original machine. Some attackers will wipe the drives of any machines they gain access to in an attempt to cause further damage to the target. Cyber security consultants can help you create encrypted backups of customer and financial data so that you and your customers are more secure.

4. Incident Response

Technology is ever evolving, and even the most diligent cyber security protocols cannot guarantee that a breach will never take place. Quality cyber security consultants will develop an incident management plan and assist you in responding to the incident. Without a management plan in place, a security breach can escalate and unauthorized parties may gain further access to sensitive data.

The tools that security consultants install on your network help them to assess the scope of any security event and determine exactly what sensitive information was lost. Possible next steps include a coordinated shutdown of all affected machines, wiping and restoring the machines, and blocking any IP addresses that may be associated with the attacker to prevent further access.

Cybersecurity consulting is an invaluable service for any business that can prevent thousands or millions in damages from a cyberattack. Keep these benefits of hiring a cybersecurity consultant in mind, and contact an experienced consultant when it's time to update the digital side of your company!

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