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Are You Learning How To Help Your Child Who Has Autism?

When the doctor gave you a real diagnoses that your child has autism, you probably had some mixed emotions, didn't you? On one hand, you might have been grateful to finally know what the real problem was with your child's behavior. On the other hand, maybe you felt afraid that you wouldn't know how to help you child. At that time you more than likely didn't have any idea of all the things that are available to you and your son or daughter. From things you can do yourself to buying special needs safety products, here are some ideas that might help you.

Things You Can Do - You have probably already been monitoring your child's actions closely, haven't you? However, have you been keeping a record of how things affect your son or daughter? For example, have you noticed that he or she is bothered by too much noise, such as the vacuum cleaner and the sounds from the television? Maybe you have written down that your child can't concentrate on homework assignments unless he or she is totally by himself or herself.

By keeping a record of how your autistic child reacts to different things, you can modify them. For example, if your spouse is watching a special show on television, think of asking him or her to use head phones so that the noise won't affect your child in a negative manner. And, for sure don't run the vacuum cleaner even when your child is the one watching television. 

Consider arranging a cozy nook that has a place for your child to do his or her assignments. The space you have selected might have a small table and a soft ball instead of a chair. For some reason, sitting on the soft ball seems to ground your child better, doesn't it? 

Things You Can Buy - Have you seen sensory pea pods that provide a place to read or just to day dream? Consider, too, purchasing a rocking device that serves both as a toy and as a means to calm your child. 

Think of purchasing a special sensory body wrap that will make your child feel secure. Something else your child might like is a comfort object that is created by sewing different types of fabrics together. If you don't sew, and if you don't have a sewing machine, you'll be glad to know that that type of comfort object can be purchased for a very reasonable price. 

Another inexpensive, but very useful, item you can purchase is a special strap that goes around your child's wrist and helps him or her to hold a pencil in place. 

Special needs products are affordable and created with safety in mind. Your child will love them, and you will be grateful for them. 

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